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About Us

Started in 1979, BURNET PHARMACEUTICALS (P) LTD. has been under the leadership of Dr. R.R.Tewai who is heading the company as the Managing Director and under the direction of Mr. S.S.Tewari, heading the company as the Executive Director.

The company's growth is powered by its focus on manufacture and supply of quality products, formidable sales & marketing strength, 100% ethical marketing growing market acceptance of the products and continued patronage by the medical fraternity.

With humble beginnings and 3 decades of growth history, the company today boasts of formidable people strength, strong manufacturing capability with continuous technology improvement, all-India market presence in branded formulations, excellent distribution network.

A present we are operating across 115 Headquarters in the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and North Eastern Region, backed by a dedicated team of over 200 people, who are well trained in every aspect of pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing. Our products are manufactured at our GMP Certified Factories at Kolkata and Gorakhpur. Unit 1 at Kolkata is dedicated to the manufacturing of Oral Solids in tablets & capsule forms while the second unit at Gorakhpur is dedicated to manufacturing oral liquids. Both the factories have robust Quality Control Process to uphold the company philosophy of ASSURANCE OF GOOD HEALTH.


We are committed to providing products and services to meet the unmet medical needs of practitioners and their patients. By building and maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders, we will identify opportunities to differentiate the company from our competitors.

Message from Executive Director

Maintaining trust is more important than ever in today's business environment. Wherever Burnet operates, we strive to ensure that our business practices and operations are consistently effective, responsive and highly principled. We are committed to achieve this through integrity and sound corporate governance.

In this backdrop, it will not be out of context to mention that Burnet's evolution is the result of the hard work and consistent determination of all its stakeholders, to transform its vision into reality. Today, Burnet enjoys strong presence in international pharma scene, backed by strong manufacturing capabilities, along with front-end presence in key markets. This is because Burnet has always ensured the highest standards of quality and is known for its quality excellence.

Moving ahead, Burnet's focus will be on consolidating its existing business verticals and optimizing the product-mix in domestic and international markets.

Company's current product portfolio together with the product basket under development, with specific focus on herbal products, will add strong impetus to the performance of Burnet going forward

Lastly, I would like to thank all our invaluable Customers, Business Partners and Employees for their continuous support and strength given to us in our progressive success, and realizing our vision and goals.

I look forward to your continued support.

Mr. S.S. Tewari (Executive Director)

We at BURNET believe that Quality is amongst the most important commodities, which can persuade, a customer to buy a product.
We are confident that TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT will ensure BURNET to touch newer milestones in the coming years.
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People are our best assets and will continue to depend on each other to develop new & innovative ideas and strengthen our policies and practices.